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At Dalitopia, we’ve made over 50 websites for clients from around the globe. Having worked with several small business owners, independents, and new authors, we decided to create ready-to-go website plans for quicker, cheaper websites for those on a stricter budget.

Our website plans are created using a drag-and-drop visual builder and each website is delivered with a step-by-step instruction manual that walks you through how to easily edit any and all areas of the website to update text, colors, images, add blog posts, etc.

Affordable Websites

Our website plans give you a great-looking website for half the time and half the price.


Drag & Drop Builder

Use the drag-and-drop builder to easily edit text, colors, images, add blog posts, etc.

Fully Responsive

Each website we make is 100% mobile responsive across all tablet and mobile phone sizes.

If your business is more complex or you need features such as E-commerce or Hotel Booking, you may be more suited for a fully customized website with a 100% original design.

Step 3: Take off.

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